There are a lot of things that you can it DIY and life, but having your vessel maintained or having pieces of your barge repaired is not something that you can do yourself. You definitely want to call professional and when you do call us here basin fleeting because we are the Top Vessel Services and we are going to deliver you a project and a service that is above and beyond what you would get with anybody else. We know that we can deliver something that is top-notch and we don’t want you to go to anyone else because we actually care about your safety and we know that if you’re with us we can actually help make sure you’re safe.

Traveling the chapel area River and the Mississippi River and the intracoastal waterways is not always an easy feat. Especially for vessel is huge in your barge is full of extremely heavy products, you want to make sure that you have someone in charge of assisting you through the narrow canals and underneath all of the low bridges. We will also be able to help you with making sure that you are not getting too close to any other barges and then wrecking. Everything that we do is to keep you saving money and saving time.

This is just yet another one of the many reasons why we are the Top Vessel Services. There’s a piece that for someone who’s been in business for decades and we actually are the ones who created a lot of the services that the other companies now use in their companies as well. For example, we created the assist work. So whenever you see a tugboat going out to assist a barge in a fleet under the bridges and through the waterways, but something that the founder of basin fleeting created a long time ago. After he created this and started to monetize on it other competitors saw that it was a good way to make more money and to help their customers as well so they decided to jump in on the good idea.

As basin fleeting has continued to grow and they have become more and more of a household name with all these major companies to use them, they decided that they wanted to offer a benefit that was so good that you couldn’t say no to it. So not only do we have all the social percent we need from Kirby, Ingram, Canal, and so much more, but now we have a benefit of this offer that you can’t refuse.

So whenever you want to work with us and you want to have us assist you through the canals of the river, then make sure that you know better benefit of the $100 credit. This credit is good for your assist with that were doing now word is good for a future project as well. Either way you want to work with the Top Vessel Services and that is us here at basin fleeting. So call us today by dialing 985-384-6505 or you can go to our website and find out more about us on your own by researching us and seeing with her see about

What Do Our Top Vessel Services Do?

It can really be kinda confusing when you think about what is it exactly that a company like basin fleeting the Top Vessel Services in the industry does. What what we do is help our customers to get their products where they need to go and by doing that we are helping them in a multitude of ways. We have a few different apartments that can help our customers in all of this helps to get the goods from the manufacturer to the deliverer and to the stores for than the people of whatever area to buy.

This is what you want to work with basin. Because we know that when you’re looking for someone to help you transport these goods to where they need to go you want to know that somebody has can actually take the time to look at the small details to pay attention to what they’re doing and they’re going to be fully focused and driven to get you to success every time. That’s what happens when you work with us here at basin. We actually can be the middleman for you so when you send your shipment from your manufacturer and it comes down the chapel I River or comes to the Mississippi waterway and the intracoastal waterway it’s been a calm past us they can park it at our business.

After they park it in our business, they can then let us take over and are Top Vessel Services is going to finish a transfer for you. So to the to take it to the supplier or it’s going to take it back to the delivery. After gets to delivery then it goes back out to the community to the stores or people can buy these products that were then transferred from us. This is how we have a hand in our community and what’s going on in this is how we keep the economy going. Oftentimes a lot cheaper to get things traveled through the water so that’s how a lot of companies are moving products in goods these days.

So if you ever wonder where things come from the store, just other than not always being flown in and the not always just traveling through a delivery truck on the roads. A lot of these goods and products are coming from places that are sending them down the waterways and they’re coming straight through us here in Berwick Louisiana to you in your hometown. Basin fleeting is truly proud of what we do and we love knowing that we have such a big hand and continuing the flow of the economy.

We know that we can continue this impact and we can continue making a difference if you work with us as well. Juergen and know that we are the Top Vessel Services if you just work with us one time. You can just simply have a conversation with one of the owners Rosser Alex and they will also make you feel welcome and confident about working with us. So go to our website and see more about us by going to You can also call us and find out more by calling us at 985-384-6505. Either way you’re going to speak to a friendly and positive representative is gonna make you feel welcome and want to work with us every time.