It doesn’t matter where you are located on the country or where you are doing services from, as long as your needing to send something through the chapel I river or through the Mississippi River, your gonna be sending them through us. See Meisel work with the truly top-of-the-line Top Vessel Services and what us here at basin fleeting help get your vessel safely to where it needs to go. Even if you are not using us for any other services, simply let us assist you through the bridges because we know these bridges and they are right in our backyard to me can help you navigate them better than anybody else.

However if you do need other services, just know that we are to be able to do maintenance or repair view. If you’re anywhere on the Gulf Coast and you need the is vessels and fleets mobilized and or demobilized as well we are able to do that. We can do maintenance or repair we can also do cleaning. We can even do fall listing and deep all listing. We can do inspection three is all. So if you have some big job coming up and the company once you have an inspection for so they know that the vessel you’re using is often well then listed on section 2.

Regardless of what you have us do, we are the Top Vessel Services and we are going to do all these things with the utmost thought of excellence in every service that we do. We do not deliver anything less than exceptional quality products to our customers and your be working with an amazing group of engineers and deckhands and Capt. anytime you work with us. So make sure that you are calling us because we want to help you and we want you to be taken carefully and we can only control that if you were actually working with us and nobody else.

You can visit us in person or give us a call and tell us what’s going on with your arch and we can assess that and give you a accurate quote of what is the cost to get those repairs and maintenance done. We do all of the major and minor repair work so that your boats and your fleets in your cruise can return to the waters as quickly as possible. This is what keeps you moving and this is what keeps your family fed and that’s is important to us. Your business keeps us going and our business keeps you going. It’s a really beautiful cycle.

So don’t hesitate call today. Basin fleeting is truly your go to and the Top Vessel Services no matter what you need. Whether it’s for your barge or your fleet or what kind of service you need, just know that we are the ones to do and were going to do a better than anybody else. Go to our website and see for yourself by watching videos and going to You can also call us and someone will walk you through it and answer any of your questions and concerns by calling us at 985-384-6505.

Want To Repair The Barge With The Top Vessel Services?

If you curious about why you need to have your barge repaired then you should really watch the Titanic. Having any kind of little minor thing in your barge or your boat is why you need someone who is the Top Vessel Services working on it. You gotta have that fixed and you gotta have it fixed right the first time because one tiny little hole or one tiny little maintenance there could cause you to lose your entire vessel or to lose your whole load of cargo that you’re trying to ship.

Any of that loss means you’ve lost money. And when you lose money it’s never good. You’re not going to be able to pay your cruise your noggin be able to pay for all of the cargo that you lost, your noggin be able to pay for the damages to your vessel, and so on and so forth. It’s just as really vicious cycle of nothing good happening and we want to be able to stop that from happening. So please don’t wait any longer to have your vessel looked at for any maintenance no matter how small you may think it is.

Come to us here at basin fleeting and we will be your go to for the Top Vessel Services that you need for your fleets and your barges. We know that it is vital to the transportation industry to have these good being delivered and being received in a timely manner. Especially if the stuff inside of it is going to be added having a timeframe of when it’s good when it’s not good anymore. So know that whenever you’re working with us were to hold that time for action to deliver prior to when we tell you are going to deliver so that we can make sure that nothing happens that makes us miss a deadline.

We’re never gonna miss a deadline we are always going to stick to what we say and we are always gonna stick to the price that we say. As are looking for the kind of budget that you need and the services that you need, just make sure that you communicate these with us and we will get you the kind of department that you need to be speaking with to schedule the service today. We can help you with toes, we can help you with assess, and may can help you with maintenance, there is so much more to what we do and the biggest thing that we do is help you navigate the waterways.

So as you’re looking to get your vessel or barge repaired you want to be working with us at basin fleeting. Everyone has will say that we are the Top Vessel Services and that we are the one who gave them a proactive approach to maintaining the vessel weather than a reactive one. So look us up online and go to our website by going to or you can give us a call at 985-384-6505. Either way you want to contact us you’re going to be speaking to someone who can thoroughly explain the process you and give you an accurate quote of what it’s gonna cost to get the service done. Just know that whatever we quote you and whatever we actually agree on with you as the price and the service is exactly what can happen because we stay true to our word.