At Basin Fleeting, whenever you’re working with us for any kind of Vessel Services, we are going to make sure that we put you first. It is very important to assess safety and affordability come first and we know how important it is that when you’re on the waters and you can control how the tide is moving or where the boat is going, that you know you’re working with a captain and a deckhand who are going to picture everybody is safe.

Not only do we make sure that your crew and your captains and that cans are all safe as well as the people on the other birders safe as well, but we ensure the safety of the actual cargo in the ships themselves. We have a certified letter from the Coast Guard stating that we have consistently performed safety and regulatory assist under all of the bridges and they have congratulated us on being one of the top safety first companies in the industry. We pride ourselves on making sure that all of our customers are satisfied with the work that we’ve done and we know that we can give you the most professional assistance and services in the business.

If you’re in the area than you have most likely seen our barges floating up and down the river and you have most likely seen as assisting other people’s barges under the bridges and through the canals. This is what we do here at basin fleeting and we are going to make sure that you are dissatisfied with the Vessel Services that we do for you as we do with all of our other customers. You can look at our reviews and see testimonials from people we have worked with and they will all play the same thing that they are happy that they chose to work with us and let us to the assess for them.

One of the biggest things about working with us in one of the benefits that we love to tell people about is that we are actually to help you save money if you work with us for your assist. So if you’re looking up a barge under the bridge and make sure that it doesn’t capsize and ran to the bridge part, make sure that you work with us because were actually going to give you $100 every time you do and assist work with us. This $100 can be credited towards the service that you’re using now or if you continue work with us you can bank that hundred dollars and use it for service in the future.

Here at basin fleeting, we know that we are truly the best Vessel Services in the industry we want you to fill that way as well. So we want to prove it to you by walking you through our processes and making sure that you are fully comfortable with everything that we can offer you. So go to our website which is or you can give us a call at basin number and let us know how we can best assist you today whether that is with actual assist through the canals or whether that is a maintenance or just simply answer your questions and concerns about how we can help.

Do You Want Timely Vessel Services?

We know how frustrating it can be to needed services someone and not be able to get in contact with them. We make sure that here at basin fleeting, we are always an answer you on time American to be extremely responsive. Whatever questions and concerns are whatever services you need, were to be able to answer them so we can get you started with your Vessel Services with us today.

As you’re trying to navigate the Mississippi River and you are using the intercoastal water raise make sure that you are working with someone who actually knows these waters and knows how they flow and knows how they work and where things are within the water so they can keep you safe. It’s very easy to drive a large barge and how about barge running into the bridges or the banks and not be able to stop because it’s a motorized machine it does not have a captain. When you have a fleet coming through the upper why of the Chapel iron River to know that we are going to be the best ones to help assist you through these small spaces.

As you are figuring out that the Vessel Services that you need is to have an assist under the bridge, the make sure that you basin is one that you have do that for you. We’ve got the best captains and that cans available ready to assist you under the bridge. And when you work with us furnaces, York University of a $100 credit for all of your services. So if that means that you one he is $100 credit for the assistant you’re doing then you can do that, or you can bank that for later use and you can actually use that for another service.

There is also no end to the amount of credits that we can give you. So if you choose to do an assist with us every single day, you are going to get $100 credit everything all day. This is extremely important for you to know because it’s a huge benefit of working with us here basin fleeting. We know how important it is to have someone that you trust in someone who is safety minded doing these maneuvers with your large vessels because if you crush into the boat or crash into the bank or the bridge you could actually not only hurt somebody but you could completely destroy your vessel.

To make sure that whenever you are trying to do these things and you are trying to get an assist under the bridge or you are wanting to have someone navigate you through the canal, you want to be working with us at basin fleeting. We are your number one Vessel Services and we know that we can give you the best services possible. We are extremely professional and we are always timely to response your questions and needs. So as you are wanting to contact us you can do so by calling at basin number. You can also find us online by going to and filling out our contact form or speaking to someone today.