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If you are in need of barge and/or fleeting services then Basin Fleeting is the place for you! We have the absolute best in barge and fleeting repairs and maintenance. We offer exceptional maintenance work, extraordinary turnaround times, and a final stamp of approval from the director of marine maintenance before any project is returned to the customer. Your fleets, boats, vessels, and all machinery are important to us and we guarantee satisfaction with the maintenance of your machine or we will continue the service until your satisfaction is accomplished. We are also the fleeting company to contact if you are in need of a tug assist or transportation service. We offer the best in the area in terms of assists and transportation, and we guarantee you will return to us for all of your vessel services, tug assistance, and transportation needs every single time.

What should you contact us about?

You can give us a call, fill out our contact form, or email us today to find out more about how we can assist in all areas of your transportation, maintenance, and tug assist needs. We offer top notch safety, affordable prices, and quality services, all while ensuring consistent communication and delivery throughout the entire process. At Basin Fleeting, we are not afraid of going above and beyond and this applies to our customer interactions and relationships in the vessel services industry. We believe in offering a fully encompassed experience where the customer is involved in the transaction through the end, and we work alongside you to get the products delivered safely, on time, and affordably, if you are working with us on a transport. This applies to all areas of maintenance and assisted work as well. You can also contact us about employment positions. We consistently hire the top talent in the industry and look to grow both the company and the individual simultaneously. We believe in training skill and hiring for character. So if you are looking for a place to work with or that believes in solid, hard working individuals, then call us at Basin Fleeting today!

When should you contact us?

If you are looking to change careers, or simply need to get in touch with us for vessel services, then call us today at 985-384-6503 and speak to a representative today. We are open twenty four hours per day, seven days per week, and 365 days per year. We know that the waterway travel system never closes, so we do not either. If you need to get in touch with our operations team, give them a call as well. We are here to help and we want to assist in any way that we can with you vessel services needs. Our company prides itself on being available when the customer needs, so don’t hesitate to reach out when you need!

Why should you contact us?

You should contact us because we are the best in the industry and we hold ourselves to the highest standards of honesty, integrity, timeliness, affordability, and safety. We take what we do seriously and we want to ensure that our customers and associates are fully satisfied in all areas of services that we offer. There is no reason to look any further for your vessel services needs. Basin Fleeting is the industry leader in maintenance, towing, transportation, and assist work. If you need any of these services or more, visit us today or give us a call and we will assist in any way possible. Our team is highly qualified and highly motivated to make intercoastal waterway travel as safe as possible. So no matter what your situation, whether you are wanting to apply for a position in our company, or you are looking to fill a need in your own vessel services area, one of our team members will be at the helm ready to jump on your project. Our mission is to help individuals reach their goals of safe transportation and efficient delivery of goods. We pride ourselves on being time sensitive and we prioritize the safety of not only the crew on the vessels, but for the barges and bridges as well. We are perfectly situated on the waterway to lend the best assists, tows, and transports. So don’t hesitate! Let our work speak for itself and call us at Basin Fleeting today!

How should you contact us?

You can contact us by calling today or by visiting our website.You can also visit our social media sites such as youtube, facebook, and linkedin. We promote a company culture of growth, honesty, and integrity, and that will show when you watch not only our customer testimonials, but our employee testimonials as well. We believe that the team makes the dream. So we hire only the best of the best and we conduct only the best of the best procedures on any and every project we take on. So you can rest assured that when you partner with, work with, associate with, or commission Basin to complete a project for you and your company, you will have the best experience possible in this industry. Those on your team who will interact personally with our team, will no doubt claim that we are the highest choice when deciding which fleeting company to work with. 9/16/2020You can also visit us in person or view our reviews and testimonials either on our website or on our map. We are the best in the business and we are extraordinarily easy to get in touch with. We want to be available to you when you need, whether that is for a question, an appointment, to book a service, or any other type of contact you may need with us. We are open literally non-stop so there is no time that is a bad time. We have a team member on hand and ready to answer your questions at any point so reach out today! We look forward to your correspondence and we know that we will be able to help you out in whatever capacity we have available. We are the industry leader in vessel services so don’t wait! Contact us today to start your journey with Basin Fleeting!