Barge Fleeting

Companies such as Canal Barge, Ingram Barge, and Kirby utilize our full-service fleeting areas due to our strategic location on the “Y” of the Atchafalaya where the Atchafalaya River meets the InterCoastal Waterway. We are perfectly situated for waterways operators to stop and triangulate their assets to head in any direction. Basin’s fleeting vessel services consist of commercial fleeting for barge lines, their customers, and their vendors who need short-term/long-term fleeting, turning, and shore-to-asset loading/offloading. Regardless of your journey, where you are headed, how long you have been on the water, our team is ready to help and ready to safely ensure your travel continues in the right direction. Transportation is vital to the delivery and reception of goods, and we know that waterway travel is something most major companies cannot work without. We want to be your solution to navigating the intercostal waterway and we know you will be more than satisfied by the timeliness and profitability we are able to offer you when you choose to work with Basin Fleeting. We offer an answer to all of your fleeting needs, whether that be through maintenance, tows, assists, or others. We have a fully developed team able to jump in and correctly and efficiently help you navigate the waterways.

Barge Repair & Maintenance

Basin Fleeting manages one of the largest deck barge fleets on the Gulf Coast for our vessel services customers and specializes in the mobilization and demobilization of deck barges. We provide a wide range of barge services such as loadouts/offloads, maintenance & repair, cleaning, ballasting/deballasting, and inspections. We perform all duties of the maintenance needed for your fleets and barges and can assist with other repairs and projects as well. Whatever your vessel services needs, Basin Fleeting is there to help. Give us a call today or visit us in person so that we can assess the repairs and or maintenance that is needed and give a price quote as to what it will cost to perform the exact maintenance or repair that your machinery needs. We perform inspections if needed so that you will know your barge is ready for the waterways. We conduct all major and minor repair work so that your fleet, boats, and crew can return to work as quickly as possible while still maintaining the highest level of safety and precision for the crew aboard them. Our director of marine operations will also give his stamp of approval on each project before the customer receives the finished product so that you will know the work has had every attention to detail paid to it.

Barge Shifting

Basin Fleeting provides the last leg shifting for customers utilizing our fleeting locations to ensure maximum efficiency and seamless asset triangulating. We specialize in helping operators leverage our fleeting locations to become more flexible, efficient, and cost-effective in their logistical patterns. We know that their jobs as operators are stressful enough as it is, and we want to be part of the solution of making their lives that much easier by offering a simple, efficient, and safe solution to their logistical triangulation situations. Our goal is to save you time and money. We know that we offer the best in the industry in all areas of vessel services, but we also want you to know that as well. So give us a call or visit us in person today and let us show you why what we do is better than any other fleeting company in the area. You can also view the videos and testimonials on our page to see just exactly why it is that people are loving to work with us. We hold integrity and honesty to the highest standard and conduct all of our business off of these two values. If you are traveling the waterways and need help with shifting on that last part of your journey, we are here and ready to help you navigate that. We want all water travel to be safe and efficient so we do all in our power to bring that notion to life by creating a culture of prioritizing the safety of people and machinery, as well as by making sure that your experience with us is cost-saving and time-efficient.

Towing Services

Basin Fleeting provides vessel services towing at all of our fleeting locations both North and South from Baton Rouge to the mouth of the Atchafalaya River and West to East from Texas to Florida. If you need to navigate the waterways near the coast of Louisiana, have no fear, Basin Fleeting is here to assist! We offer to tow your fleets and barges regardless of your situation or circumstances. We operate with safety in mind for all crew members and take the maintenance of the vessel into consideration as well so that we do not deliver back to you a product that is worse than when we received it. Bring us your tow work today and we will be your new favorite towing service based in the Y of the Atchafalaya River. You will not be disappointed that you chose to work with us and our social connections and associations with other major brands are proof enough that we are the experts you have been waiting to find.

Tow Assists

Basin Fleeting has been helping tows safely transit the VTS Berwick Bay triple bridge spans for over 40 years. We have the best track record of any vessel services company doing assists in our area, and we pride ourselves on being the experts when it comes to getting your assets through safely and without incident. We also take pride in the fact that Basin Fleeting is the originator of the assisting work in the area and want our customers to feel secure in their decision to let us bring them safely through the narrow or low areas that barges often have trouble navigating. Our company works tirelessly to be available to you whenever you are in need, so call our operations team today and let us make your journey a safe, sound, and incident-free experience.